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Biagi beads are the newest craze in customizable jewelry.  Biagi produce hundreds of different beads using real silver, CZ and gold. You can choose from letters, animals, symbols, dangles and more. Bracelets come in many different sizes including expandable. There are many different websites selling these Italian Beads so be sure to shop around before making a final decision. We've even supplied the contact information for Biagi and below so you can contact them directly with any questions.

Biagi Jewelry manufactures and markets the finest quality modular jewelry available anywhere in the world. We specialize in sterling silver, cubic zirconia and gold beads. These are the bracelets and necklaces you can design bead by bead and bracelet by bracelet. They are as popular as they are customizable, with literally millions of unique bracelets you can create to reflect your own personal style. Biagi has over 400 beads and counting! They continue to design and create new designs and have one of the largest collections on the market and they guarantee the highest quality.

Biagi has deep roots in the city of Firenze, Italy which is known for the design, craftsmanship and production of fine Italian jewelry. From our corporate offices, Biagi jewelry is marketed through our major distributor, Biagi USA. Biagi guarantees strict quality control and the authenticity of every item we sell. Skilled craftsman, with decades of experience, assure you that our handmade collection of jewelry is based on our old family tradition: Quality

Trollbeads is very unique jewelry.  Each bead is designed by a top designer including such names as Lise Aagaard, Svend Nielsen & Ragnar R. Jørgensen.

Trollbeads started 25 years ago in Scandinavia and is now being introduced to the U.S. market.  Trollbeads manufactures their beads using both sterling silver and 18 karat gold, along with natural pearls, precious stones and Italian Murano glass. Beads are designed by renowned artists from Scandinavia. Designs are inspired by everyday life, mythology and fairy tales. 

Today, eighteen Danish and internationally renowned jewelry designers create Trollbeads & there are more than 200 different models.  The full collection can always be viewed at www.lundtrading.com or www.trollbeads.com 

Tell your own story – create your own jewelry.

The many different symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac signs, colors and materials offer you endless variations and combinations, making the jewelry both unique and personal. You can start with just one bead or be bold and begin with a collection. The beads can be worn on a silver or gold chain – as a bracelet or necklace.

Trollbeads have won international artistic recognition and have recently been exhibited at Sculpture Objects & Functional Art in Chicago and New York.

Chamilia is another great brand of Italian bead jewelry.  They offer both classic and trendy styling and have hundreds to choose from.  They have over 35 years of experience and only use the highest quality materials.  All designs are handmade by experienced craftsmen.  

If you are looking for more traditional jewelry such as earrings, bracelets or necklaces, we recommend BlueLuxe.com.  BlueLuxe has a great selection of handmade designer jewelry plus other gift items including Limoges Boxes.

If you would like more information on purchasing Bead Bracelets, either at wholesale or retail, please contact one of the manufacturers below:

Biagi Jewelry
320 Mears Blvd.
Oldsmar, FL 34677
Ph. +1 813 386-1060
Fx. +1 305-768-8128

Troll Beads
10015 Old Columbia Rd., Suite E-245
Columbia, MD 21046
Ph:  410-290-7920

Chamilia Beads
New York, NY
Ph:  800-495-0977
Fax:  800-495-0974USA:  [email protected]

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